Tag: Wireless Mouse Not Working

Wireless Mouse Not Working?You can follow steps below to try resolving the problem.

1.Remove the unifying receiver and batteries for 5 seconds

This should be the first thing you try when your Logitech wireless mouse stops working, as this is easy to do and always works. This is to let the device understand the depth of the situation. The removing and then re-inserting the device would only act as a much needed restarter to the device.

2.Check if there is problem with the mouse driver

If there is problem with the mouse driver, the mouse won’t work properly. You can check for the driver status in Device Manager.

If you are not sure how to go to Device Manager, the steps below may help. Since the mouse doesn’t work, use your keyboard.

1). Press Win+R (Windows key and R key) at the same time. A Run dialog will appear.

2). Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and press Enter key. Then the Device Manager window will pop up.

3). Press Tab key to go to the device list and use the arrow key to locate category Mice and other pointing devices.  Press Alt + right arrow keys together to expand the category (If you want to close the category, press  Alt + left arrow keys.).  You will see Logitech mouse under this category. If you see there is a yellow mark next to the device, there is problem with the driver.

In this case, use arrow key to locate the Logitech mouse device, then press Shift + F10 keys  to open context menu. Select Uninstall, then reboot the system. After reboot finishes, Windows will detect the mouse automatically.