Tag: Razer Ornata Chroma Keycaps

What’s Razer’s secret with the Ornata Chroma? Switches that combine the, uh, key features of the predominant typing technologies in the consumer keyboard market. Razer calls the technology “Mecha-Membrane,” and it’s just what it sounds like: part its own proprietary mechanical switch, part silicone dome. When you hit a key, the mechanical switch depresses the dome to register the stroke. This eliminates the need for a full version of either type of switch, but gives you a fair amount of the supposed benefits of both.

That all happens under the hood, though. One thing you’re more likely to be able to see are the updated Razer Ornata Chroma Keycaps, which are about half the height of traditional keycaps. In addition to requiring you to move less weight with each press, Razer claims that the shorter cap “reduce[s] the time it takes for your actions to register,” thus keeping you typing more quickly and landing more hits in games that demand quick response.