Tag: Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Gaming Mouse provides everything that hardcore MMO players need — a plethora of thumb buttons, a streamlined design and a capable software interface. While the Naga isn’t a perfect mouse, it may be the best dedicated MMO mouse on the market and is well worth a look from high-level players.


At first glance, the Naga makes one thing eminently clear: Claw-grip players may be better served elsewhere. The Naga is a large, heavy mouse with an incredibly high profile to accommodate its four rows of thumb buttons. Palm-grip players can rest their palms on the mouse’s steep curve and their thumbs on the thumb buttons. The ring finger has its own contoured rest, while the pinky has a textured pad.Left-handed players will be pleased to know that unlike similar MMO mice from Logitech and Corsair, the Naga is also available in a sinister conformation. The mouse’s design is mirrored, but otherwise identical.