Tag: Logitech G502

Logitech has released the Proteus Spectrum, an updated version of the Proteus Core with full 16.8-million-color RGB backlighting. Aside from the illumination and a few blue highlights on the mouse itself, the Proteus Spectrum is exactly the same as its Core predecessor, right down to the G502 model number and the price.

I don’t have a particular recommendation between the two, since they’re nearly identical. For those who own other Logitech peripherals, though, it’s worth noting that the Proteus Spectrum can sync with the company’s RGB gaming products, such as the Orion Spark keyboard and the Atlas Spectrum headset.

It’s great to see a company take a nearly perfect product and iron out its last remaining kinks. The Logitech G500s was a top-notch all-purpose gaming mouse, but its successor, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, surpasses it in every way. In fact, we can confidently say that the Proteus Core is the best all-purpose gaming mouse yet.