Tag: Corsair Strafe VS K70

So I’m in abit of a pickle for choosing a Keyboard. A few things first, I’m looking at the STRAFE, the “Red” K70, and their RGB Variants. I have a few questions about each Keyboard.Corsair Strafe VS K70?

How do the keys of the STRAFE compare to the Aluminum frame of the K70 when pressed?

Whats the difference between a Red MX Cherry Switch and a Brown with feel? I’ve never used Mech and I want to get into a quality keyboard. Id like to have something that isnt loud and has a good feeling of being pressed to it.

How does the quality compare between both boards?

Do RGB Boards have backlighting color quality issues compared to the singular red coloring of the Normal K70 and STRAFE?

Is a wrist rest benificial for gaming sessions or is it unneeded?

And over all, what is best for the price?