Tag: Cherry MX Switches

A quintessential part of any setup—be it gaming rig or otherwise—is a good keyboard. It’s your trusty aide when you’re pounding your opponents in Counter Strike and commanding your army in Starcraft. As such, it deserves as much recognition and respect as the graphics card you have in your case. With more Cherry MX Switches now available in more keyboards, we’ve refreshed our guide to let you know what’s what.

There are two core keyboard types: Mechanical keyboards have individual key switches and metal springs. Rubber dome keyboards—most modern, cheap keyboards—have a sheet of rubber that provides the resistance, tactile feeling, and registers the keypress to the computer. Mechanical key switches give an unmistakable, stronger feedback as you type in the form of feeling a bump, hearing a click, and/or feeling a smooth bottom out to the keyboard’s base. Not only does it feel more satisfying than a rubber dome keyboard, it can be more precise, too.