Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Randomly Stops Moving

For the past 2 months I’ve been using a Razer Naga 2014 edition. All fine and dandy, until today Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Randomly Stops Moving. I tried then plugging and unplugging, changing into another USB port, tried it even on another computer, nothing. I just can’t get it to work.
Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Randomly Stops Moving
At this point I wanted to just search for the warranty papers and send it back, but then I noticed that my computer won’t even turn on with the Naga connected to it, displaying the BIOS message ‘USB device over current status detected, will shutdown in 15 seconds i want to know why mouse randomly stops moving?

Is there anything I can do? It’s obvious the USB ports are not faulty, and that the problem is the mouse, but is there anything I could try to make it work? I’ve been surfing the internet for an answer, but no one seemed to have had this problem yet.I hope my guides of Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Randomly Stops Moving will help you get the naga mice coming back to work too.

Alright, so a little while back my Razer Naga 2014 started randomly freezing whenever I set it down on top of my desk. After fiddling with Razer Synapse 2.0 I’ve managed to find a solution. If you’re having this problem, look no more and rejoice!

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Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Randomly Stops Moving:Fix it Youself

1.Installed and updated Razer Synapse.
2.Rebooted PC in Safe Mode.
3.Uninstalled Windows-found Razer drivers.
4.Rebooted in Safe Mode again. (note: I had no mouse and was using only keyboard)
5.Opened Razer Synapse and received the “no device detected” message again, but after about 2 minutes the drivers began to automatically install.
6.Rebooted normal Windows and issue resolved!
For good measure I unplugged the USB and plugged it into a different port to see if it gave me problems but it did not. The mouse has been working perfectly since then.

Done! Your mouse should no longer randomly freeze when you lift it off your mousemat / surface.

PRO TIP: Keep some q-tips on hand and stuff it into your sensor if the problem persists. (Odds are it’s some dust that’s messing around with your mouse’s sensor.)

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