Most Comfortable Headphones 2017:Top 10

Headphones are no more an accessory it has become a necessity, And that’s why you Need the Most Comfortable Headphones. Well it has become a part of every small little activity that everyone indulges in during its daily life. It is hence highly critical that something that is this important and useful is also comfortable.

Comfort is a very relative term. The Headphones just not work as something that makes the music reach your ears but also covers the ears through the process comprising the sensitive part of the head and ears.

Using a headphone the slight difference in music is sometimes unnoticeable, but the difference in comfort is not. The most comfortable headphones are thus something that users are always looking for apart from the other qualities. The listening experience only adds to the beauty of the music, the unnecessary pressure on the ear cartilage, the heaviness of the headband or sometimes the extreme warmth on the buds in the headphones may create such discomfort that one does not feel like plugging into any song.

Most Comfortable Headphones Buying Guide

It thus becomes indispensable to be aware of these small yet important aspects of the device that you are buying. Every individual may be looking for different feature and thus here is a list of very many features that are offered by various brands a particular focus which is given to the comfort part based on experience and reviews. How comfort can be evaluated is as it is subjective, here are a few key aspects that are considered on to ensure that at least the basics are available.

Features to Look For:

The earpad comfort is the first aspect; earpads should be soft on the song and well ventilated for longer use. They come in contact with the skin, and hence they should be the first feature to be reviewed.

  • Headband: The headbands of thick or extremely tight may hamper the experience of extended listening. They should be just about right regarding their grip and weight so that the user does not have that heavy feeling.
  • Wireless comfort: Something that is a must nowadays. Free from entangled wires and free movement comfort is nothing but an added advantage.
  • Noise cancellation: When you have your headphones that stop the outside noise to interference with your listening experience there is nothing like it.

Most Comfortable Headphones 2017

Here is the list of the most comfortable headphones for 2017:

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Since the priority stands are the comfort and the name of these headphones has comfort in it. Thus it automatically goes like the first one to be reviewed. They come with a power packed performance; it has a flawless design, it allows an option of a wired headphone, which otherwise is a part of the wireless team. There is an inbuilt battery that runs for long hours. There are no peripherals for easy use. There is Active noise cancellation feature and comes with a better audio performance that the other headphones from the same brand.



Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones comes with an oval-shaped earcup and earpads. There are generous cushions and a soft leather covers the parts that come in contact with the skin. The shape covers only the necessary part of the ears and does not exert unnecessary pressure.
  • Design: The headphones come with a wider headband that provides a better grip on the head. A full headband also does not create pressure point and spreads the focused force. The headphone uses over-ear design and support the noise cancellation feature. It also does not lead too much sweating from overuse.
  • Weight: The 234g headphones are one of the light weight thing available in the market. It may be a little heavy from the predecessor, but that is only because of the strength provided to the frame and headband which does not exert the force to any point and is distributed by design.
  • Noise canceling feature: The finest feature of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless headphone is its Voice cancellation feature. The headphone feature filters all the outside noise, even the low-frequency disturbances like AC, motors, engine voices are all kept out.
  • Design and durability: The speaker plate of the cups are made of metal, the rest of the frame is made of plastic. For smooth operation, all the required buttons are placed on the headphone. The battery has a 20- hour cycle, and it is compatible with various apps that you plan to connect too. The added feature is the mic- so even while making calls the quality of the voice is perfect.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Headphones

The audio technical has made the regular sound lovers, and audiophile just drools over it. The headphones are a great device for mixing music, with a design and comfort similar to its predecessors. The new addition has some added features that make sure that it can compete with the others in the market, and I my experience it’s the most comfortable over-ear headphones ever.

Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: This one compared to the predecessors have definitely better padding and are soft on the ears. There are cushions and the soft leather covers the parts that come in contact with the ears. The shape is such that it covers only the necessary part does not exert unnecessary pressure.
  • Design: The headphones are available in attractive black and blue variant. It has a broad headband and conventional headphone design. The headband is padded on all sides to provide a comfort of wearing for long hours.
  • Weight: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Headphones weigh 238 g this makes them light on the head. The headphones are suited for long hour listening or mixing.
  • Noise: It is not one from the category of Noise cancellation. ATH M50x does not have the feature yet it is known to provide a perfect clear sound listening experience. It eliminates the sounds in the surrounding and provides uninterrupted listening.
  • Design and durability: The headphones come with coiled and straight cables. The ear cups can Swivel 90 degrees which provide easy packing of these headphones when not in use. It has 45mm large-aperture drivers giving it a studio feel. The sound drivers are as high as 28 KHz and can go as low as 15Hz.

3. Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

The HD 598 headphones are as Sennheiser’s fastest selling items on the list. They are created to provide an experience indulging music and are something that is value for money. The product quality is high, and it is something that can be compared to the higher range of products. The design is something that attracts die-hard music fans and music fandom. The product selling point is long term listening comfort, and hence it has made to this list. Also check: Best Wireless Gaming Headset


Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: The Sennheiser HD 598 over-ear headphones have a soft velvety ear pad that provides it the edge compared to the others. The pads have comfortable foam filling that comes in contact with the ears. The Velour ear pads here provides a better air filter that its other competitors, they are also known to prevent a lot of sweating are comfortable for long listening.
  • Design: The design of the headphone is such that it has an open-back Circumaural can. The design has a decent ear covering shape that embraces the whole outer ear. The design also does not allow any undue pressure on the ears during long listening hours. It sounds like something too good to be true which is actually what the design looks like. Just to add to the comfort the headband design has added padding on the sides of the headband. Made of plastic, the headband is sheathed in real leather. The design does not exert a lot of pressure even when watches movies or indulge in binge music.
  • Weight: The weight of the headphones is 296 g. A little disadvantageous compared it the other small weight headphones available but due to the ergonomics, it does not feel heavy on the head or the ears at all.
  • Noise: Well the design which has an open back does not allow any noise cancellation for this one. There is, however, sound quality that covers up for it, but the expectation of no outside noise is not supported here.
  • Design and durability: The design here is the look which is picked from the vintage style. There Velour earpads are brown in color combined with a metal backplate that also has a logo on the inside. It has a 3m detachable cable with a 2.5 mm port. The cable is just long enough for home use. Despite the open design, there is a great support for complicated bass tracks, and the audio also plays the natural sounds well.

4. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The Dt 770 Pro makes to the list of world’s most popular closed-back headphones with very comfortable earcups. They have ranked high on the liking’s charts of recording engineers and regular customers alike. The device is highly popular amongst music lovers who prefer original sound while sitting at home. The quality and the look also suits the urban crowd which had been looking for a change from the regular black.


Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: The earpads are created with thought, there are light pads that cover the ear area. The ear cups have light crocodile skin texturing which is soft on the skin. There are padded velvet touch peripherals that also ensures that the area covered with the ear pads do not sweat and is kept comfortable.
  • Design: The design is simple, and the look is attractive. The DT 770 comes with an adjustable headband so that the users can make necessary adjustments. The headband also has a comfortable covering which is a reason they list in the comfortable headphone category. The build is strong, and despite the adjusting, the headphones are sturdy and fit well on the head.
  • Weight: The headphones comes with a weight of .55lbs. They are suited for long hours of heavy music or even mixing work. The weight is also evenly distributed, and hence they are not heavy on the head.
  • Noise: The headphones do not come with the noise cancellation feature. It has a large supra-aural design that seals the ears from all outside noises; the closed-back design also ensures that the outside noises are all kept away. This makes it a suitable listening device when used in public places.
  • Design and durability: The device comes with a 3.5mm jack that is suitable for studio work and home listening. Due to its closed models, these headphones are an excellent choice for any music and high bass.

5. Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Even though most of the people are skeptic about Sony headphones, this time this is not the idea. Sony has made perfect Bluetooth headphones which are designed for music lovers and audiophiles. Of course, there are reasons for buying new headphones. It could be just for listening, or for working in the recording studio, or for gaming, and we can specifically say that these three ideas would stand perfectly for this kind of products. If you don’t like cables and wires this is a perfect product for you. Bluetooth, it could last for twenty hours of listening, perfect and ideal sound quality with great basses and clear Mids. After them, you will never feel the same. Also Check:The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running 2017



  • They have possibility of Bluetooth audio streaming and they support Electronic Bass Boost if you want to add bass effect in order to get better view of what are you listening
  • They are made with built-in microphone for hands-free calling, so it could be used as your cell phone headsets.
  • They have 40 mm drivers for wide frequency from 40 Hz to 40 kHz
  • They seem comfortable because they are made with the great design which will give you the possibility to wear them always and forever.
  • Battery lasts for amazing 20 hours of music


  • Great bass reproduction which will give you a new understanding of this type of headphones.
  • They are made with high-quality Bluetooth with wide range and battery life
  • They are very comfortable for every day and long use


  • You must understand how EQ functions in order to get a better quality of sounds. For every genre, there are different EQ model
  • They don’t last too long and sometimes bass gets into distortion.
  • They are not containing too many features for professional sound engineers.


  • Q:  Can I add noise cancellation feature?
  • A: They are not made for that feature, but they ear cups are sealed well so they will provide you with great outdoor isolation.
  • Q: Can I remove my earpads?
  • A: No, you cannot. You will feel that they are very close to your ear even though there is some distance between them.
  • Q: I’m wondering if there are larger holes for ears.
  • A: No, they are made how they are so that you could enjoy your sound with clear resonance.

6. Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Professional Headphone

Sennheiser is a synonym for great sounds. No matter if it is microphone or headphones, they have the tradition of making perfect musical devices for professionals and amateurs too. But for professionals, this is not just a toy, but important part of business dealing because with its sound quality you will get perfect ambient through mid-levels and vibrating bass that will mix your feeling and kick you’re hearing even harder. They are good for outdoor activities because they are isolating outdoor noise, so you will feel the real sound of music. If you need them for technical using, you will be satisfied with its speed, details, and in overall you will be amazed after first use and it’s truly a comfortable headphones for long hours.Also Check:Bluetooth Gaming Headset



  • They are designed with acoustic silk in order to have better frequency range and to reduce outdoor sounds
  • Wide frequency response perfect for audio mixing
  • With numerous driver elements, you will be able to adjust them like you ever wanted
  • They are made with neodymium magnets because they are efficient and powerful
  • With aluminum voice coil you will be able to have very fast response


  • You have possibility to extend the bass quality
  • Mid-range is something that these headphones have in perfect order
  • With classic design, you will be able to feel like old timers
  • You have possibility to add treble extension


  • Spare parts are very expensive
  • They don’t have the possibility for very distant listening.


  • Q: For what reasons I could use Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Professional Headphones
  • A: These are great headphones for studio sessions because they are going to deal your outside noise in order to give you perfect satisfaction during recording. If you are just an audiophile you will be amazed by its features, so you will be able to use them always because they are comfortable. With wide range of frequencies you will be able to feel difference between these headphones and amateur ones, and after first use, you will have another idea of music.
  • Q: Could I extend my bass quality?
  • A: Of course, you have adjustment pattern which is perfect for audiophiles that love the deep bass sound. You could also adjust mid and treble in order to get wider bass.

7. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Headphones

These types of headphones are made for numerous ideas, but if you are a sound engineer you will enjoy with them because they will give you professional quality under the price. All other professional studio headphones are too expensive, so you will enjoy with durability and bass sounds. If you are going to buy them just for fun or gaming, think twice, they are made for professional use so they could be too expensive for that kind of work you are going to engage.



  • It is made by award winning audiophiles who tried to get it perfect for other audiophiles
  • Made with dual diaphragm drivers which will give you possibility to separate mid-levels and highs from bass
  • With deep bass, you will get full feeling inside of you
  • Ultra-Extended highs and vivid mid-levels will give you the possibility to mix your music while listening to them because you will get every tone clear and right.
  • They are made with the CLIQFOLD design because they have tried to give them compact storage possibilities.
  • You will get exoskeleton carry case with a V-STRAP system for full comfort.


  • With deep and clean bass sound you will feel the music deep inside of you
  • Ear cups are made with comfortable memory foam so that you won’t feel the pressure after wearing them for a while
  • They are made with tough materials which will give them durability and protection


  • They are too expensive for this type of quality
  • Even though they are comfortable while listening to them, when you wear them on your neck it could get uncomfortable and difficult


  • Q: I can only hear sound from one ear on my headphones?
  • A: First thing you have to do is to try both cords and to make sure that it is perfectly plugged into your device. If that doesn’t work try to find the cutting spot with touching the cable, and if you find that one part has a breaking point, for first aid you should tie it like that, but that is not a permanent solution. This device has its warranty, so when this problem occurs try to fix it as soon as possible because the problem can spread and break your headphones.
  • Q: Button for play/pause doesn’t work?
  • A: You first have to make sure that your plug is inserted in 45 degrees and also it must have straight plugin possibilities for your headphones. Also, it could be dirt and debris that got into so try to shake it off and clean before you go to service.
  • Q: Headphones doesn’t work, what should I do?
  • A: First make sure that mute button isn’t on at the controller. If that thing is not the problem, go to your computer and see if there is a problem with the sound card. If that is not a problem try to connect it to another device in order to test it. If it doesn’t work your only possibility is to check your warranty and service it.

8. Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

This low-end headset allows a great listening experience. The look of these headphones is attractive, and they have an amazingly clear sound quality. There is a no break make which makes them rich looking and are really comfortable headphones for long hours making it to the list.


Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: The design of the earpads is somewhat common. They are regular round shaped earpads with soft cushion around the area covering the ears. It is comfortable for long use might need a little adjustment here and there.
  • Design: The beautiful headphones come in six different colors. They have a matt look, and there is no single joining screw visible on the face. The headband is broad and comfortable with a joint near the ears that help them pack using minimum space.
  • Weight: The headphones comes with a weight of 9.2oz. They are suited for long hours of listening, and it is evenly distributed, and hence they are not heavy on the head.
  • Noise: These earphones comes with a lithium battery that runs long enough for users to carry it around. The headphones work for 12 hours after charging. There is a LED battery fuel gauge that indicates how much battery is left for use. It comes in two modes which are first for general voice cancellation between the music and the world, and another is active voice cancellation which is to shut out of the outside world completely.
  • Design and durability: The headphones come with a microphone which provides a high-quality phone call experience as well. The buttons are all placed on the ear cup. There are volume buttons and Bluetooth connection button that can be operated from these earcups. Some cables connect to the USB ports for charging and can work for 20 straight hours when continuously on charging.

9. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier

If you want to buy perfect headphones these are perfect for your everyday activities. No matter if you are using them just to listen to your favorite music, or for your studio activities you can rest assured because with them you will be able to enjoy deep bass, perfect mid tones, and great trebles in order to find your perfect mix.



  • It comes with Sensation55 Driver which has a full bass extension and through it, you will get great and realistic bass experience that you will feel deep inside of you.
  • With REX40 driver you will get the high-class audio sound like there was a whole team of sound engineers which will deliver you perfect sound with minimal possibility of distortion, also it syncs with your playlist.
  • The design of ear cups is having acoustical porting which will give you the possibility to engage in everyday and outdoor activities without a sound deficit. You will get minimal distortion and deep and smooth bass along the way.
  • Because it has acoustical porting it is specific because it doesn’t have those old bulky in-line amplifiers. You have to power it with AA battery which is hidden in the ear cup.
  • You have the possibility to adjust bass control with a slider on left ear cup which will give you the possibility to adjust bass sensation in order to get perfect EQ ideas from your playlist.


  • They have high-quality sound for a reasonable fee.
  • Unique features with comfortable design.
  • The deep bass could be adjusted in order to give you the new idea of music you are listening
  • They are not heavy at all, so you will be able to wear them wherever you go
  • You are getting inline remote for mobile and microphone devices
  • It can also work in passive mode without a battery


  • It is made with average inline microphone which will give you average sound quality
  • Doesn’t have so many features for professional studio users.
  • Even though design is good it is made with plastic so it could be broken if you don’t maintain it properly
  • Bass could be higher than expected, so someone could be annoyed about that possibility
  • If you want bass slider to work you have to add AA battery
  • It contains little cord noise which could be annoying after a while


  • Q: Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier are compatible with which console?
  • A: It is fully compatible with Playstation 4, 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac computers.

10. Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone

This Sony product provides a good balance of headphone that can be used for home or professional use. It is a value for money deal. This comes with a long cable which must be connected to the device for music or audio.


Honest Review

  • Earpad Comforts: The earpads are in the shape of racetrack, they are decently padded and do not provide discomfort when listening for few hours. The outer ear cup is made of metal, and the rest is all plastic. There are often complained that the ear pads wear out after a few years, the best part here is that these are replicable and thus a new one can be used at a minimal cost.
  • Design: The headphones come with a full headband which provides a better grip on the head. The more full headband also does not create pressure point and spreads the focused force. The headphone has a very simple adjustable headband design.
  • Weight: The weight of these headphones is 8 oz that is slightly lighter than what is available on the market. Also, the weight is distributed evenly and thus do not exert pressure at one point.
  • Noise: Sony MDR7506 Professional does not come with active noise cancellation. However, the make covers up for it. The closed back blocks all the external noise. It is unlikely that any annoying sound would escape the headphone go and disturb the experience.
  • Design and durability: The headphone comes with a 10feet long coiled cable that is always attached to it. There is a 40mm driver and has 63-ohm impedance.

So, guys, these are some of the most comfortable headphones for 2017, and I think you will find, at least one headphones which is just what you looking for and make sure you buy it and share you reviews with us, because it’s all about helping each other and stay tuned for our next update which will add some more headphones to this list.