Left Handed Keyboard Review

Left Handed Keyboard Review

Left handed keyboard is a rarity, even for left-handed people… and that’s a shame. Beyond just being better-suited for southpaws, left handed keyboard actually has a whole host of benefits for right-handers as well. Are you looking for such a Left handed Keyboard?Just check my guides Left Handed Keyboard Review to  find what you need.

Left Handed Keyboard

Left Handed Keyboard Review – Find the best left-handed keyboard


The left handed keyboard layout helps to balance out the user’s workload, allowing the user’s left-hand to operate the numeric keypad while the right hand operates the mouse.

The ‘A-shape’ key layout encourages a more relaxed, natural wrist position which helps users to reduce ulnar deviation. The number pad is on the left side, reducing the work area for less strain and improved user comfort.

Left handed keyboard aren’t completely reversed of course — they just have their number pads on the left-hand side. You can see what this looks like above, and it’s basically what you would expect. You type normally with both hands, and use your left hand to enter numbers or press keys like Print Screen.

So why left-handed? Well, it’s great for entering numbers and using a mouse at the same time, like when you’re entering data into a table or spreadsheet. You also have easy access to the tab key, which is normally far away from the number pad.

Having the number pad on the left also provides the same comfortable ergonomics that a tenkeyless (no number pad) keyboard provides. You can keep your mouse directly ahead of you, instead of off to the right hand side, which is a much more comfortable position.More:Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Left Handed Keyboard

This particular left handed keyboard has other ergonomic benefits too. Its keys become slightly raised in the centre, and each is slightly angled. The idea is that you place your elbows slightly wider, with your fingers angled towards the centre. This posture feels more comfortable, and the difference is slight enough that learning the new positioning is a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. It looks a bit odd, but it makes a lot of sense ergonomically.

Left handed keyboard place the numeric keypad on the left hand side of the keyboard. This allows the left handed opertor to use their dominant hand on the keypad. It also reduces the reach for right handed mouse users while maintaining a full 104 key keyboard.More:Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a left handed keyboard, another solution is to purchase a compact or a separated keyboard along with a discrete numeric keypad. Position the keypad to the left handed keyboard (thus creating a left handed keyboard). This gives you the option of repositioning the numeric keypad, but having the ability to move the keypad away when not needed.

There are other handy features here too. For example, there are a selection of shortcut keys that run across the top of the keyboard, letting you access your internet browser, perform a search or adjust your volume without using the mouse. This keeps your hands on your keyboard, minimising distraction.

The right hand side of the keyboard is also a bit thinner than you’d expect, with home and end near the top, and page up, page down and delete all in a line above the full-size cursor keys. You’ll also note the handy LED indicators for Caps, Scroll and Num lock on the right hand side.

The Black Left Handed Keyboard is a pretty comfortable keyboard to use, and I hope we see more keyboards in future that use it for design inspiration. If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, just do it.If you need best budget gaming mice   you can check the list.