G502 vs G602 : Which Is Better

Logitech G502 vs G602 : Which is better?

The most obvious difference when comparing the logitech G502 vs G602 is that the G602 is wireless. Now for a lot of people, wireless gaming mice are a big no no. But for me personally (a casual gamer), I don’t see this as a problem and I love not having wires interfering with the clean look of my setup.

A second difference is the DPI settings. The logitech G502 has a range between 200-12,000 DPI whereas the logitech G602 only has a range of 250 to 2500. Now, this isn’t a problem for me personally as I can’t imagine a situation where I would really need 12,000 but maybe you have a purpose for it.


  • Wireless
  • Nice ergonomics once you get used to it, upgraded from fingertrip grip to a more stronger grip, can’t go back, tried and failed
  • AA Batteries


  • Wireless
  • Potentially inferior tracking
  • Side buttons are kind of useless and likely prone to failing, since they are not high quality mechanicals, mis-clicks happen rarely


When comparing the exterior of the logitech G502 vs G602, the logitech G602 is ever so slightly wider than the G502 but the overall shape and size is pretty much the same. The G602 has 6 buttons on the left hand size that are fairly small and aren’t the best feeling buttons you could have. The side buttons on the G502 however are far superior to the G502 and have a much more premium feel. There are only three buttons next to the thumb rest and they are slightly larger which I think is great as the 6 on the G502 seemed ta bit excessive to me and meant that logitech had to make them narrow to fit them on which isn’t good for people with large fingers.


  • Laser
  • No wireless issues
  • Different ergonomics that might be good or bad


  • The wire …


Another feature I really like about the G502 that the G602 doesn’t have is the option for infinite mouse scroll that can be turned on and off with a click of a button and is great for trawling through long web pages. The G502 also comes with detachable weights that can be added and subtracted to get the perfect weight for your mouse. The weights are added in the bottom of the mouse by lifting off the back and so don’t take away from the fantastic design of the mouse. The mouse comes with four 3.6 gram weights that can be stored away in a nice plastic container.

The last difference I can think of is the price. The logitech G602 is ever so slightly cheaper than the G502. This seems reasonable as the G502 has a few extra premium features that the G602 doesn’t have. Albeit the G502 is wireless so the price difference isn’t massive.

  • G502 has a higher DPI range compared to the G602 but they have the same DPI switch levels on the fly at 5 pre-sets.
  • G502 has surface tuning for the best precision on your specific surface which the G602 doesn’t have.
  • G502 has a metal ‘hyper-fast’ scroll wheel which I prefer to the rubbery G602. I find it feels a lot nicer and you get more accurate scrolling.
  • G502 has weights to customise the weight and feel of the mouse which the G602 hasn’t and they feel very similar in physical weight (without weights in G502).
  • G502 has changeable colours (Proteus Spectrum, not Core), the G602 doesn’t.
  • G502 has braided cable, G602 doesn’t (obviously).
  • The shape is very similar. The G602 was the first Logitech gaming mouse to have this sort of feel and now the G502 and G402 both have a similar shape to the feel. G602 has slightly more of an arch at the palm and index finger.
  • G602 is wireless with removable batteries (non-rechargeable) and has 2 modes: Endurance and Performance.
    Performance is for higher-precision but drains the battery more (up to 500 reports per second) whereas Endurance lowers the precision (mainly used for everyday use/internet browsing etc) but the battery lasts much longer, eg. a few months, 1440 hours I think (125 reports per second).
  • There are more side buttons on the G602 with 6, whereas the G502 has 2/3, but it’s up to you if you need them though. I find the G502 has enough buttons on the side to customise with an extra button at the end of your thumb (defaulted to DPI down-shift for sniping or whatever you want) which the G602 doesn’t have.
  • DPI buttons next to the left click are the same on both mice, and feel very similar.

All in all the G602 is kind of the wireless version of the G502 in shape and feel, but the G502 has way more higher end features and customisability. I actually use both of them but I tend to use the G502 way more, and only use the G602 when I’m sat away from my desk, which is rare.

What is similar?

As previously stated, the two mice are built off of very similar designs. They both have 11 programmable buttons and a very similar size and shape. They both come in a matt black finish and have almost identical boxes with the same black and blue colour scheme just with different specs on the side.

Which do we prefer?

This post boils down to one simple question. Logitech G502 vs G602; which do we prefer? This is a very hard decision as the two options are very good mice. As I stated at the beginning of this review I love having a wireless mouse and so the G602 is the mouse for me. But as I said before, this is a personal preference and I am in no way saying that the G602 is better than the G502. If you prefer functionality over looks then you may want to go for the G502. It all comes down to how much you like wireless mouse and if you don’t, then I would highly recommend the G502.