Corsair M65 RGB Gaming Mouse:For win7,win8,win10

Corsair M65 RGB

  • PROS

    Solid aluminum unibody design. Excellent button layout, with programmable functions. Precision 8,200dpi laser sensor. Adjustable sensitivity. Dedicated sniper button. Customizable lighting accents.

  • CONS

    Right-handed only. Few chassis color options. Lighting is cosmetic only.


    The Corsair M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse offers a killer design and lethal accuracy, and it comes in a rainbow of customizable colors.

Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse Features:

  • High-mass scroll wheel
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Fast, high-precision switches
  • Advanced center of gravity weight tuning zones
  • Extra-large PTFE glide pads
  • Optimized sniper button positioning
  • 16.8 million color customizable backlighting
  • 12000 DPI sensor for pixel-precise gaming
  • Powerful, comprehensive backlighting software suite

Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse Specifications:

  • Warranty: Two years
  • DPI: 100 dpi – 12000 dpi
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Mouse Backlighting: 3 Zone RGB
  • Programmable Buttons: 8
  • Report Rate: Selectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
  • On-board Memory: Yes
  • Weight: 135.5g – w/o weights 115g
  • Weight System: (x 3) Screws, (x 3) Weights, 20.5g total adjustability
  • Mouse Feet: Extra Large PTFE
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 72mm x 39mm
  • CUE Software: Enabled
  • Cable: 1.8m Braided Fiber
  • Game Type: FPS
  • Part Number: CH-9300011-NA

The Corsair M65 RGB is the newest gaming mouses from the company. Corsair has a pretty clear strategy with its latest crop of gaming peripherals: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The company has updated its top-performing keyboards with new RGB lighting, and now it’s done the same with the Corsair Vengeance M65, our previous top pick, by dropping the Vengeance name and adding customizable colored lighting as a minor update to one of the best gaming mice we’ve reviewed. All this earns the M65 RGB $59.99 at Amazon our nod as Editors’ Choice gaming mouse.

Ergonomics and Design

The Corsair M65 RGB features an aluminum unibody frame that Corsair proudly calls aircraft-grade. I’m not sure there are planes in the sky that feature the same type of aluminum, but I can tell you the mouse’s build quality is first rate. It offers a pleasing rigidity and heft, weighing a stout 135.5 grams when employing the three optional weights you secure to its bottom panel. You can remove the weights using a coin or screwdriver. With all three weights and screws removed, the mouse drops to 115 grams. I appreciate the wide degree of weight customization and how hefty the mouse feels when fully loaded. By comparison, the G.Skill RipJaws MX780 weighs 120 grams at its heaviest.m65

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB features a soft plastic coating on the single top piece that comprises the right- and left-click buttons and palm rest. The sides feature a textured, grippy surface for your thumb, ring, and pinky fingers, but the right side of the mouse has no ledge or even the beginnings of a ledge upon which your pinky might rest. Since my pinky was dangling off to the side a bit it was gently pinched underneath the mouse a few times, which was annoying. On the bottom panel, the Corsair M65 RGB features five large glide pads. Mouse movement felt smooth, but I found the G.Skill RipJaws MX780 and its smaller glide pads offered a slightly smoother gliding sensation.

As I wrote earlier, this is a right-handed only mouse, which is common in the gaming mouse world, but it’s also what I’d call a palm grip only mouse due to its long and low design and the fact that you can’t adjust the height of its palm rest. If you could adjust its height it would also make it suitable for so-called “claw grip” users, but out of the box they might have a tough time feeling comfortable with this mouse.

The Corsair M65 RGB features eight programmable buttons. In addition to right- and left-click buttons, it offers a clickable scroll wheel, DPI up and down buttons, and three buttons for your thumb. Below the standard forward and back thumb buttons is a “sniper” button, which lowers the DPI setting when it’s held down.  It also offers extreme sensitivity, even in a crowd of highly sensitive mice, and features a 12,000dpi optical sensor and surface tuning capability for extreme precision.

The functionality of the Corsair M65 RGB is largely unchanged from that of the previous Editors’ Choice-winning model. The gaming mouse is comfortable, responsive, and lag-free, with a proven design.corsair-m65-rgb-laser-gaming-mouse

 The sniper button is centered on the thumb rest, but it has a firm enough spring to prevent any unwanted button presses while still clicking easily. The ability to jump straight to a preset dpi setting that offers pixel-sharp accuracy is essential in first-person shooter (FPS) gaming, and the Corsair M65 RGB does it just fine. Standard dpi switching is also pretty painless, with a simple button press bumping up to a higher or lower sensitivity preset. The layout is a bit better than that seen on the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury, which puts the dpi switching buttons next to the other thumb buttons, which can get confusing in the middle of a firefight.

It isn’t entirely perfect, however. There were some issues tracking whenever I tilted the mouse or lifted it slightly. Most of the gaming mice I’ve tested have had this same issue, so it’s not a significant problem, but the Roccat Tyon is a good alternative that handles lift and tilt with ease.

The Corsair M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse has everything you could ask for, with excellent construction, several customizable features, and rock-solid performance. It’s a small update from the previous top pick in the category, the Corsair Vengeance M65, but it’s enough of one to earn the M65 RGB our nod as Editors’ Choice gaming mouse.