Having a great gaming mouse means nothing if you’re not using the right Gaming Mouse Pad. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best gaming mouse pad to pair your mouse with.That is our guides:BEST GAMING MOUSE PAD:TOP 10 IN 2017.

If you’re going to invest $50 or more in a great gaming mouse, it couldn’t hurt to plunk down just a little bit more for a great mouse pad to go with it. While mouse pads aren’t the absolute necessity they were back in the days of ball mice, they still provide a comfortable, streamlined surface that won’t wear down your mouse or get it too dirty over time.


Before you buy a gaming mouse pad, you should know that you may not need one. Most modern gaming mice possess a feature known as surface calibration. Using this feature, the mouse’s sensor will detect what kind of surface you’re playing on and adjust its feedback accordingly. As such, practically any surface can be the ideal mouse pad.

When hunting for a mouse pad, there are only a few major factors to keep in mind: material, thickness and size. Some companies, such as SteelSeries, offer sizes ranging from mini (9.8 x 8.3 inches) to XXL (36 x 18 inches), which suit gamers who either have limited desk space or play at very low dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivities and need much more space than the average user. Other users prefer enormous mouse pads so that they can rest their keyboards on them as well.

Other mouse pads, like the Razer Firefly, are unlike anything else on the market, and combine expensive electronics with otherwise-simple pads. No matter which one you pick up, you might want to consider using a wrist rest as well; gaming mouse pads facilitate the movement of mice, and aren’t generally thick enough to make your wrist significantly more comfortable than it would be if you were to rest it on your desk.

As discussed above, mouse pads are not as vital as they once were. On mice with surface tuning, a mouse pad is often ancillary, especially if you have a smooth, even, resilient surface underneath. Wooden desks can stand up to most mice, as can formica, stone, and other opaque materials.

On the other hand, if you play competitive games — or are simply rough on your mouse — you could damage either your peripheral or the surface underneath it.

Mouse pads usually require no setup (save for ones with electronic components, like the Razer Firefly). Just flop them down on your desk, straighten them out and you’re done. As such, the only thing we evaluate is how well they perform in-game.

To test a mouse pad’s game performance, we run it through a number of different games — including first-person shooters, real-time strategy titles and massively multiplayer online experiences — to get a feel for it across different genres. I used a Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse to test each mouse pad, as it’s a high-quality peripheral that can adjust to almost any surface.

Best cloth gaming mouse pad

1.Best cloth gaming mouse pad

  • Large surface area
  • Excellent surface texture for control
  • Nicely stitched edges
  • Can be noisy during intense mouse movements

The most affordable and common type of mouse pad is the classic cloth one. They are primarily made of rubber composites with synthetic fabrics woven together to create a dense foamy structure with a soft top. Designed to provide a smooth, consistent, and durable surface, cloth mouse pads are highly preferred by gamers requiring pin-point accuracy with little friction. Most FPS professionals prefer large cloth surfaces, as they make large sweeping motions with low DPI mice.

While the majority of cloth mouse pads may look and feel the same, several features such as non-slip bases, stitched edges, and premium materials separate the best from the rest. The Taito Control from Roccat stands apart from all of the other cloth mouse pads thanks to its minimalist design, generous (but not excessive) size, and rugged materials.

Some peripheral makers (Roccat included) parade their logos across mouse pad surfaces, so we definitely appreciate the subtle approach the Taito Control takes. The stitched blue edges prevent fraying and provide a nice accent color that makes the mouse pad stand out without drawing too much attention away from the mouse on top.

Unlike other manufacturers that create a variety of sizes for their cloth mouse pad, Roccat has opted for a middle-of-the-road approach with the Taito Control. Its generous 400mm x 320mm (15.7” x 12.6”) size puts it slightly above competitors’ “medium” size but comfortably below their “large” or “oversized” options. This makes it a great choice for a wide range of gamers. The Taito Control is also thicker and heavier than most of its competitors, making it our top choice for both comfort and durability.

Although we’ve found that some of the other mousepads offer a comparable blend of speed and precision, the Taito Control offers a slight edge with its marginally rough surface. It isn’t the smoothest of cloth mousepads, but the slight friction of the Taito Control gives you more control without sacrificing speed. Combined with its non-intrusive design and premium construction, the Taito Control edges out the competition to top our chart as the best overall cloth mouse pad.

Best oversized mouse pad

2.Best oversized gaming mouse pad

  • Biggest size
  • Very smooth tracking surface
  • Stitched edges
  • Looks odd if used with other brand peripherals due to huge logo

If you’re the type of PC gamer that plays with lowered DPI and sensitivity settings, you probably give your wrist quite a workout. With the massive mouse movements required to make those precise headshots in game, an oversized mouse pad is a necessity. Only available in soft cloth form, extended mouse pads are sized to run all the way across your desk with enough space for both your keyboard and mouse.

While it may seem unnecessary to place a stationary keyboard on top of a mouse pad, these oversized pads are all about uniformity. By placing the keyboard on the same surface level as the mouse with tons of room to spare, you never have to worry about running out of space for your mouse. This is especially important because lifting your mouse off of the mat to make multiple movements instead of one sweeping motion wastes precious time and affects accuracy. Measuring over three feet in length, the best mouse pad in this category is Corsair’s MM300 Extended.

The MM300 is Corsair’s premium line of cloth mouse pads featuring a non-slip rubber base, stitched edges to prevent fraying and a sturdy thickness of 3mm. The extended version is the largest size available and designed to fit even the biggest gaming keyboards with plenty of room to spare. When combined with a compact, ten-keyless keyboard, the surface area for the mouse feels almost infinite.

Like most cloth mouse pads, the MM300 Extended features a smooth, textile-weave design that ensures gliding a mouse across its surface feels like cutting through butter. We found it easy to make pinpoint attacks in our FPS testing with a hefty amount of overhead for DPI adjustments thanks to the massive surface area. Whether you like to move your mouse all the way across the desk or just a couple of inches to make a 180 turn, Corsair’s oversized mouse pad has you—and your desk—covered.

Best hard gaming mouse pad

3.Best hard gaming mouse pad

  • Low friction surface
  • Solid rubber base
  • Expensive

When it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance, nothing compares to a solid, hard surface mousepad. PC gamers requiring subtle but rapid mouse movements generally prefer these slick, low friction surfaces that allow them to glide their mouse with ease. While it does ultimately come down to personal preference, we prefer using hard mouse pads while playing RTS and MOBA type games where swift map navigation and tight mobility are crucial.

Unlike their cloth counterparts that use very similar types of textile materials, hard mouse pads are made from a wide variety of components and blends such as aluminum, plastic, and rubber. Varying dramatically in friction, weight and design, there is sure to be a hard mouse pad out there that is perfect for you. For us, the simplicity and ultra-smooth surface of the Logitech G440 make it our top choice when considering speed.

While some cloth mouse pads feature large graphics or logos sprawled across the surface, hard mouse pads generally feature a basic design to ensure better tracking with modern mouse sensors. The Logitech G440 is no exception as its minimalist design features a small Logitech G logo in the bottom right corner.

At a quick glance, the surface of the G440 might appear to be completely smooth but it is actually a polyethylene surface featuring micro textures that offer the perfect amount of resistance. The mouse pad provides a perfect amount of feedback without any excess noise generated from our rapid mouse movements. Logitech seems to have found the perfect middle ground between abrasive and smooth as we were able to seamlessly move and stop our mouse with ease during intense battles.

On the bottom, the G440 features a rubber base that prevents the pad from sliding around the table while making those speedy mouse movements. Combined with its generous 340mm x 279mm (13.4” x 11”) size, we found it effortless to stay focused on the game at several different DPI levels. If you’re looking for a durable, stable surface to zip across the battlefield, it’s hard to go wrong with the Logitech G440.

Best RGB gaming mouse pad

4.Best RGB gaming mouse pad

  • 15 very bright LEDs
  • USB passthrough port
  • Syncs with other Corsair RGB products
  • Excellent software for controlling LEDs
  • Expensive
  • Additional cable adds to desktop clutter

While the Razer Firefly was the first RGB mousepad to hit the market, the Corsair MM800 Polaris has quickly dethroned it as our top choice for RGB mouse pads. There still aren’t a whole lot of options available but the MM800 beats the others by a hefty margin.

The functionality of a light up mouse pad is still going to raise some eyebrows, but Corsair’s solution offers a whole lot more than just a flashy light show. It features a high quality micro-textured finish that allows mice to easily glide across the surface without sacrificing precision during small mouse movements. The MM800 makes no compromises with a surface that rivals the quality of our top hard mouse pad, the Logitech G440.

When combined with Corsair’s other RGB products, the MM800 is able to sync up with the other devices to create a brilliant display of lights and colors. We were thoroughly impressed when the lighting profiles from our K70 RGB keyboard automatically transferred over as soon as we plugged in the mouse pad.

There are two major differences between Corsair’s MM800 and competing RGB mouse pads. First, the MM800 features a USB pass through port that can be used to conveniently plug in your mouse or a flash drive. The second difference is that the MM800 uses a whopping 15 LEDs we found to be much brighter than Razer’s.

Turtle Beach Drift

5.Best Overall gaming mouse pad

    • Textured weave surface
    • Stable Performance
    • Built to last


The Turtle Beach Drift’s beauty is in its simplicity. This microfiber gaming mouse pad is smooth up front, with embroidered edges and a resistant back to keep it from moving around. There’s a pleasant red Turtle Beach logo to give it a little zest, but other than that, it’s pretty straightforward — just pick the size that’s best for your setup, and let fly. The Drift worked well across all genres I tried, and the embroidered edges always let me know when I was running up against the edge of the pad and had to reset my hand.

The Turtle Beach DRIFT Fast Microfiber Mousepad for PC and Mac features an ultra-smooth surface for fast, precise mouse movement critical to a players success. Built to stay in place with an anti-slip rubber base and constructed to last with anti-fraying stitched edges, the DRIFT mousepad ensures you get the best performance possible from your mouse. DRIFT is available in two sizes to suit your desktop layout.

This Gaming Mouse Pad Wide is the design which features a high quality textured surface that does give a slight rough feel to the product. As a result, your mouse won’t slip and slide while using it for games and to assist with this process, the back of the mouse pad supports an anti-slip rubber base. Another feature of this mouse pad is the anti-fraying edges which gives it another layer of protection that in turn will hopefully make it last longer.

I’ve been using this gaming mouse pad for not just gaming but also work, surfing the net, design and I must admit that I’ve become quite accustomed to the surface and for me, it gives an additional layer of accuracy because I have more control of the movement of my mouse. With that said, I tested this product with a variety of games that include Battlefield 4, Diablo II and Dragon Age 3 Inquisition which all performed flawlessly on this product.

Final Thoughts?

In the end, the Turtle Beach Traction Mouse Pad Wide is definitely a well designed gaming mouse pad that offers a far superior surface than traditional mouse pads or even just using a flat service. I also love how Turtle Beach give users a variety of different sizes, depending on preference and after using this product religiously, I must admit that using my mouse has never felt better.

With that said, this product is compatible with all mice and if you’re looking for an extra advantage to your gaming needs, then check out the.

Logitech G240

6.Best simple gaming mouse pad

  • A firm, flexible foundation
  • Moderate surface friction
  • Consistent surface texture
  • Stable rubber base
  • Comfortable cloth construction
  • Roll for transport

The Logitech G240 is about as simple as gaming mouse pad get. The entire apparatus is a slip of black cloth with a little resistant fabric on the back to prevent it from slipping. With no embroidered edges and a blue Logitech G logo near the bottom, the G420 is exactly what it appears to be: a soft surface for your mouse that should help your peripheral glide across your desktop as you play. I used the G240 for the longest of any mouse pads we tested, and have played dozens of games on it over the course of many months. So far, I have no complaints about the way it handles any titles.

Many people doesn’t understand the importance of mouse pad and some just thinks of it as a paper weight but the idea of a mouse pad is to provide a smooth service to enable a higher speed of movement, greater precision, and less inertial drag, for the sake of comfort. Having a clean well designed mouse pad helps your mouse to operate efficiently and a good mouse pad can have lot of influence over your playing style.
Nowadays, mouse pads are entering the mainstream market and manufacturers are producing gaming designed mouse pad. By design, this gaming mouse pad enhances the precision and accuracy level of each mouse by far that exceeds from what normal mouse pad can provide. And for this review, we will be checking out one of Logitech G-Series gaming mouse pad known as the G240.
In the PC gaming industry, Logitech is definitely a well known and trusted brand. They address the gamers PC peripheral needs with their G-Series products ranging from keyboard, mouse, headsets, and mouse pad. G-series are products that are designed for hardcore gaming purposes.
Razer Vespula

7.Best wrist rest gaming mouse pad

  • Two sided for speed and control
  • Surface maximizes mouse performance
  • Non-slip mat keeps everything in place
  • Comfort-gel wrist rest is comfortable and helps you play longer
  • Moderate performance gains may not justify cost

The Vespula is actually a two-part system, with the dual-sided mouse pad resting on a non-slip rubber mat with an attached comfort-gel wrist rest. The hard surface of the mouse pad is a dull grey (to reduce reflection), with glossy black trim and bright green rubber feet on each corner. The grey mousing area is further adorned with Razer’s logo of intertwining snakes and a separate logo for the Vespula model name. Razer has also released licensed special edition versions for Mass Effect 3 (with red accents and the N7 logo and stripes) and Transformers 3 (with Optimus Prime on one side, and Megatron on the other)

The Vespula measures 0.8 by 12.6 by 10 inches (HWD), but most of the thickness is due to the gel-filled wrist rest. The non-slip mat and mouse pad combine to a thickness of only 0.2 inches.While a mouse pad may seem superfluous when most optical mice readily work on whatever material your desk is made of, there is still something to be said about the addition of tactile feedback and ergonomic wrist support.

When you’re looking for a way to up your score or improve your combat, it’s hard to dismiss the promise of improved precision and a mousing experience tailored to the needs of gamers. If that sounds like something you want to add to your gaming arsenal, we can easily recommend the Razer Vespula Mouse Pad.

Corsair MM600

8.Best Dual-Sided Pad Gaming Mouse Pad


  • Solid Aluminum Substructure
  • Expert-grade Tracking
  • Non Slip Rubberized Corners
  • Cannot be folded and thus, not suitable for travelling love
  • A little expensive

The Corsair MM600 is not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. This hard mouse pad features something to please just about any kind of gamer. A reversible design lets players switch between a smooth surface and a rough one just by flipping the peripheral over. First-person-shooter players can glide around the mat with ease; turn-based strategy players can move the mouse slowly and thoughtfully; and gamers who consume multiple genres can transition back and forth at will. Four rubber nubs at each edge of the mouse pad keep it firmly in place, no matter which side is up.

Now let’s wrap everything up regarding the Corsair MM600 gaming mouse mat. We really love the idea of dual sided surface with different texture of the mouse mat. Now Corsair allow user to choose between the two surface types for different kind of gaming environment. The high speed surface really makes our mouse glides easily without much friction, thus helping much especially during games like Dota 2 while still allowing for precision target. The second surface with heavy texture side delivers outstanding control for aiming in First Person Shooter or FPS games.

The downside side of this mouse mat is that it might not suitable for user that always travel. The hard surface is not easy to transport and might be bent if too much pressure when put inside the bag. We understand that great quality and features came with higher costing. The mouse mat is sold with the price tag of RM 148, which might be a little wallet ripper for some of us, but once you get to try it, we pretty sure you cannot leave the mouse mat without bringing it back with you.

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad

9.Best cheap gaming mouse pad

  • XXL sized cloth mouse pad
  • Ideal for low sensitivity mouse settings
  • Compatible with all mice
  • Specially designed non-slip rubber base
  • 450mm x 400mm x 2mm

If you like having a lot of options, the SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad is a good place to start. The standard version of this mouse pad is small enough for a desktop and thick enough to support a wrist, but with no embroidered edges and only a small, white SteelSeries logo in the corner. You can get it in a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, which should fit your setup no matter how much space you have. I was able to play at the top of my game for Titanfall, Heart of the Swarm and Assassin’s Creed Unity, thanks to its smooth surface, and choosing the right size for my desk made a big difference.

I’m sure gamers can relate to at least one experience with a mouse pad that isn’t large enough; an annoying and sometimes unpleasant feeling when the mouse goes somewhere it shouldn’t. Fortunately, there are so-called gaming mousepads and they’re actually nice to have. Their characteristic large size offers an ample surface and forgiving space for a gamer’s mouse movements, compared to the more typical mousepad that might be smaller than a dinner plate. What we have for review here is an exaggeration of that end to the need.

For our closing thoughts, the SteelSeries Qck XXL is right up your alley if you’re looking for the practicality or aesthetic of a very large mousepad, in a size SteelSeries calls desk-sized. The soft cloth and thick padding is gentle on both the wrist dragging the mouse around and the wrist resting at the edge of the keyboard. Putting a collection of computer peripherals and accessories gives a slick unified look. For now this mousepad is built thick with a cloth surface like the QcK Mass and so those wanting a hard surface or thinner material will either have to look elsewhere or improvise with materials.

Our biggest suggestion for interested buyers is to double check their table space. The QcK XXL is huge.I’m sure some people have some fair use for the QcK XXL, SteelSeries newest and largest mousepad ever released. Measuring 900 by 400 mm (35.4 by 15.7 in), this nearly 3 foot long cloth surface can fit more than a mouse and keyboard.


10.Best hard gaming mouse pad

  • HD surface offers superior tracking
  • Finely textured plastic composition
  • Steady glide, medium friction

SteelSeries 4HD mouse pad is fairly representative of a “normal” mouse pad. The HD series gaming surface includes the 4HD and the 9HD, the only difference being size. The HD series uses hard plastic as the surface material along with heat treatment to achieve a semi-rough surface. The resulting surface has numerous “micro-lumps” that act as tracking points, allowing sensors to accurately map location and movement. Theoretically this mouse pad should enhance tracking ability for all mice. How well the SteelSeries 4HD fairs in real life is still to be seen.

SteelSeries 4HD is a hard plastic composition specifically engineered for professional gamers who demand extremely consistent precision, accuracy and stability. The finely textured surface consists of tens of thousands of light reflecting microscopic points, optimized to enhance the tracking capabilities of next-generation gaming mice.

Thanks to the sophisticated tracking capabilities of the surface, the user is capable of performing exceptionally precise mouse operations, both in terms of minimal movements as well as high velocity “slingshots”. This gaming surface was researched and developed in parallel with the SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse to ensure that advanced high definition mice fully benefit from this surface.

Being a fan of hard mouse pads I was excited to have the chance to review the 4HD. I normally use Razer’s Destructor mousepad that I reviewed some time ago.  The 4HD is similar in size and even has the curve at the bottom (although not as pronounced) like the Destructor. The bottom of the 4HD has a grippy rubber surface to keep it from sliding around at inappropriate times. The top has a textured surface that helps your mouse slide with the lowest amount of friction and also helps with the mouse tracking. The top of the pad has a Steel Series logo in the bottom left corner and the entire surface is covered in very small versions of that same logo.

To give you an idea of how today’s mice work you have to remember that the sensor snaps an image of the surface and tracks changes in the surface to see where it is. This is why you will have no luck on things like glass and mirror finishes. The 4HD’s texture and the Steel Series logo’s give the mouse amazing points of reference when moving it around. If your mouse loses track of where it is you will have hesitations and erratic mouse movement. You wouldn’t want either those to happen in the middle of a shootout or pivotal point in your game.

It may only be a mouse pad but Steel Series clearly has put more thought into designing it than most other mouse pads on the market. If you are used to a cloth mouse pad the 4HD will feel a little rough but for hard mouse pad fans this pad does everything you need it to do. With a MSRP of under $20 it won’t break the bank ether. I also found that both laser and optical mice work very well with the 4HD. Now if you picked up the Xai after our recommendation this week you may want to also consider the 4HD. They were developed together after all and will result in excellent performance together.