The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands:Top5 Big Hands Gaming Mouse

You have really long, large, and somewhat narrow hands. Do you guys have any suggestions or experience with this?Which mouse is good for me?Just fint your best mouse here The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse is the updated version of the Proteus Core. Its weight door has no blue accent and the G light can change colors. All other specs are identical to the previous model.The mouse itself is rather small and low in profile. Both the small thumb rest and the grip for the two outermost fingers are textured, providing both stability and a pleasant tactile sensation.We tried it with “BioShock Infinite,” “StarCraft II,” “Batman: Arkham City” and “World of Warcraft,” and found it equally suited to first-person shooter (FPS), real-time strategy, action/adventure and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.In my mind G502 is The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands.

Weight                             121 – 139g (Customizable)Logitech G502
Cable                                Braided
MSRP                               $79.99
Sensor                              Pixart PMW 3366DM (Optical)
Max                                  SpeedN/A
Buttons                            11 Programmable
CPI                                   200 to 12000
Shape                               Ergonomic (Right-Handed)
Lift-off Distance            N/A
L/W/H                            132mm x 75mm x 40mm
Scroll Wheel                   Dual
Switches Right/Left     Omron D2FC-F-7N
USB Mouse Polling      1000Hz

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The DeathAdder is about as bare bones as a gaming mouse gets these days, with only five buttons—Left, Right, and Middle Mouse/Scroll, plus two under the thumb. The latest Chroma edition is equipped with a braided cable sheathe, 10,000 DPI sensor, and the now-standard 1000 Hz polling.

That’s it! It’s a simple mouse with simple aims, and it’s all the better for that. If you’re a person who wants a gaming mouse that just works, the DeathAdder is your safest bet.Especially because it’s comfortable as hell. There’s a reason the DeathAdder, despite its seemingly simple design, became such an icon: It’s beautifully sculpted, with some of the most comfortable right-hand contours on the market.All this make Razer DeathAdder Chroma The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands for comfortable as hell.

Weight                             105gRazer DeathAdder Chroma
Cable                                Braided
MSRP                              $69.99
Sensor                             Avago ADNS-S3989 (Optical)
Max Speed                      N/A
Buttons                            5 Programmable
CPI                                   10000
Shape                               Ergonomic (Right-Handed)
Lift-off                             DistanceCustomizable
L/W/H                            127mm x 70mm x 44mm
Scroll Wheel                   Notched
Switches Right/Left     Omron D2FC-F-7N
USB Mouse Polling      1000Hz

Mionix Naos 7000

Mionix’s NAOS 7000 is a whale of a mouse. I mean, it is fat. It’s more than an inch wider than several of the mice in this roundup. This is a mouse that says “Hey, bring that palm grip over here.”‘ It’s a lot of plastic, but a lot of plastic put in service of your hand’s comfort.Mionix has quietly crafted some stellar software for its back end. Installation isn’t mandatory, but it’s encouraged. Its feature include a surface analyzer, customizable liftoff distance, CPI adjustments, scroll speed adjustments, and the ability to change the colors of the LEDs illuminating its logo and mouse wheel with practically any color imaginable.

Weight                            103gMionix Naos 7000
Cable                               Braided
MSRP                             $94.72
SensorAvago                 ADNS-3310 (Optical)
Max Speed                     5.45 m/s
Buttons                           7 Programmable
CPI                                   7000
ShapeErgonomic          (Right-Handed)
Lift-off Distance           Customizable
L/W/H                           130.84mm x 84.72mm x 38.67mm
Scroll Wheel                  Notched
Switches Right/Left     Omron
USB Mouse Polling     1000Hz

Logitech G700

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G700 — Powerful control that gets you deep into your game. Wireless freedom without performance compromises. You’ve got 13 precisely placed, programmable controls to perform single actions and complex macros. With natural curves that support your hand you can play comfortably and maneuver effortlessly for as long as you want. There’s nothing to slow you down with full-speed, gaming-grade wireless and a quick-connect charging cable.The G700 was fantastic at everything from surfing to Photoshop to Excel. Best of all, it has enough buttons that you can set it up for multiple programs and not have to switch between profiles in order to use them.You can get it as The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands.

Weight                                147gLogitech G700
Cable                                   Wireless (2.4GHz) / Wired Plastic
MSRP                                  N/A
Sensor                                 Avago ADNS-S9500 (Laser)
Max Speed                          N/A
Buttons                                13 Programmable
CPI                                        5700
Shape                                    Ergonomic (Right-Handed)
Lift-off Distance                 N/A (Too High)
L/W/H                                 129mm x 84mm x 47mm
Scroll Wheel                        Notched
Switches Right/Left           N/A
USB Mouse Polling            1000Hz (Wireless)

Corsair Scimitar RGB

The Scimitar RGB gaming mouse revolutionizes game play with its Key Slider control system, 12 mechanical side buttons, and pro-proven 12,000 DPI optical sensor. It’s purpose built to deliver the ultimate MOBA and MMO gaming experience.Corsair has also labeled the Scimitar as a MOBA mouse and though it is true that Dota and League of Legends require lots of keyboard input such that having lots of mouse buttons can be useful, MOBA players in general dislike the bulkiness of these MMO mice. We’re going to pay attention to how well the Scimitar holds up for MOBAs and determine if it makes sense for Corsair to attribute this mouse for such games.

Optical technologyLED lights scan the surface beneath the mouse to detect movement with a fair amount of accuracy, suitable for everyday computing and browsing.

Standard right- and left-click buttonsCorsair Scimitar RGBFor both gaming and everyday use.

12 programmable mechanical thumb buttonsSo you can customize your game controls.

CUE controlLets you program the mouse with custom MMO timer countdowns, double macros, dpi matrices and more.

Key Slider macro button control systemOffers 8mm of key travel with a secure lock, so you can comfortably reach the buttons.

Contoured designEnsures maximum comfort.

Compatible with most versions of WindowsWorks with most PCs.